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Open Beta 40 Patch Notes (Paladins)
The Untamed NEW

- [LMB] Auto Rifle
Fire one shot every 0.09 seconds that deals 120 damage.
- [RMB] Nade Launcher
Fire a grenade that deals 700 damage in a small area of effect.
- [Q] Fire Bomb
Hurl an incendiary device that leaves a pool of fire for 6s. Enemies that contact the fire will burn for 9% of the maximum health over 0.6s. Continued Contact refreshes this effect.
- [E] Crossfire
Gain 40% attack speed and 40% movement speed for 4.5 seconds. Firing does not consume ammo.
- [F] Hunter’s Mark
Mark an enemy for 6s. Marked enemies are revealed and take 15% increased damage from your basic attacks.

- [Fire Bomb] Gain {8/16/24/32}% Movement Speed for 3s when activating Fire Bomb.
- [Fire Bomb] Fire Bomb reduces healing by {5/10/15/20}% more.
Salamander Hide
- [Fire Bomb] Reduce self damage taken from Fire Bomb by {20/40/60/80}%.
- [Fire Bomb] Reduce the Cooldown of Fire Bomb by {1/2/3/4}s.
Favored Quarry
- [Hunter’s Mark] The reveal portion of your Hunter’s mark lasts {1/2/3/4}s longer.
Hunting Season
- [Hunter’s Mark] Gain {200/400/600/800} Health if you kill the Hunter’s mark target.

- [Hunter’s Mark] Reduce the Cooldown of Hunter’s Mark by {1/2/3/4}s.
- [Hunter’s Mark] Gain {5/10/15/20}% Movement Speed while Hunter’s mark is active.
- [Grenade Launcher] Reduce the Cooldown of Grenade Launcher by {0.5/1/1.5/2}s.
In the Fray
Reduce the self damage taken from Grenade Launcher by {25/50/75/100}%.
Quick Release
- [Grenade Launcher] Gain {10/20/30/40}% reload speed for {3/6/9/12}s after using Grenade Launcher.
Turn the Table
- [Grenade Launcher] Heal for {50/100/150/200} after hitting an enemy with Grenade Launcher.
Locked and Loaded
- [Weapon] Increase your ammo count by {2/4/6/8}s.
Primal Might
- [Armor] Getting an elimination reduces all active cooldowns by {10/20/30/40}%.
- [Armor] Increase your maximum Health by {50/100/150/200}.
Trail Blazer
[Armor] You cannot be slowed by more than {50/60/70/80}%.


- The free champions have been changed:
- - Viktor
- - Cassie
- - Drogoz
- - Kinessa
- - Fernando
- - Tyra
- - Pip
- - Skye
- Items that are Exclusive or Limited now have an improved presentation to make their obtainability clearer.
- Models may now be rotated when viewed in the Store.
- Ultimates are now blocked from firing before the round has begun.
- Fixed an issue in Payload where items would incorrectly display as owned after the round restarted.
- Stealth is no longer removed when a stealthed player is stunned.
- Damage increases are now properly affected by damage falloff.
- Addressed an issue with the fourth boosted item in a Radiant chest when you are not boosted.
- Fixed an issue where the ‘Go To Chest’ button wouldn’t direct you to the correct chest.
- Fixed an issue where the ‘Go To Chest’ button was not appearing correctly in store details.
- Fixed an issue where the Store filter ‘Available’ wouldn’t correctly filter items.
- Added rarity border on items in the Store and Champion Customize screens.
- Added camera blur when unlocking Chests once items appear to improve readability.
- First person Health bar now flashes red when taking damage and at low health
- Added silhouettes to Barik Turrets, Bomb King bombs, Kinessa Mines.
- Increased visibility of hit feedback on enemies.



- Head: Alluvial Plaits
- Body: Alluvial
- Weapon: Alluvial Auto Rifle
- Head: Conifer Plaits
- Body: Conifer
- Weapon: Conifer Auto Rifle
- Head: Heartwood Plaits
- Body: Heartwood
- Weapon: Heartwood Auto Rifle


Cassie has undergone a visual update. Players who played before OB40 will receive Cassie’s old model as a skin for free.
- Head: Amaranthine Braid
- Body: Amaranthine
- Weapon: Amaranthine Crossbow
- Head: Azure Braid
- Body: Azure
- Weapon: Azure Crossbow
- Weapon: Cheshire
- Head: Coral Braid
- Body: Coral
- Weapon: Coral Crossbow
- Weapon: Hornet
Northern Watch
- Body: Northern Watch
Timber Collection
- Head: Timber Braid
- Body: Timber
- Body: Tinder
Vampire Slayer
- Head : Night Bane’s Brim
- Body: Night Bane’s Raiment
- Weapon: Night Bane


- H.A.W.K. Jumpsuit has been updated with new goggles.
Colossal Chest
The following items have been added to the Colossal Chest:
- H.A.W.K.
- H.A.W.K. Jumpsuit
- H.A.W.K. Miniguns
- Timber Braid
- Timber
- Northern Watch
- Tinder
HRX Digital Loot Pack
The HRX Digital Loot Pack is now available for a limited time only, which includes all of the following items:
- Head: Invitational 2017 Helm
- Body: Invitational 2017
- Weapon: Invitational 2017 Lance
- MVP Pose: Champion 2017
- Head: Invitational 2017 Patch
- Body: Invitational 2017
- Weapon: Invitational 2017 Rifle
- MVP Pose: Champion 2017
- Head: Convention 2017 Veil
- Body: Convention 2017
- Weapon: Convention 2017 Mirror
- HRX 2017
- Invitational 2017
- Trophy 2017
Gold Cards
Gold Cards are now available in Radiant Chests.
- Gold Cards replace existing cards in your collection with an updated gold frame.
- Once you acquire a Gold Card, you will also receive a spray of that card’s art. Gold Card sprays are usable only by the champion the card belongs to.
- In this patch, only some of the Gold Cards come with sprays. More Gold Card sprays will be added in coming patches.


- Map Visual Update - Jaguar Falls



Accursed Arm
- Explosion damage now falls off towards the edge of the explosion.
- Fixed an issue where Androxus’s arm would get stuck when activating Accursed Arm.
- Reduced damage from 620 to 600.


- Reduced damage from 700 to 650.


Ice Staff
- Reduced bonus damage after using Blink from 30% to 20%.


- Increased Health from 2700 to 3000.
- Increased base damage from 350 to 400.
- The damage scaling over distance has been adjusted to end at the same damage at max range.


- Fixed an issue where Gourd would fail to deploy in some areas on some maps.


Evil Mojo
- Evil Mojo’s projectile will now travel through shields.
- Evil Mojo’s explosion will now hit targets through shields.

Sha Lin

- Fixed an issue where some visual effects were persisting after using abilities before mounting.
Impaler Arrow
- Added first person camera visual effects when target is stunned.


- Reduced Health from 2000 to 1800.
Poison Bolts
- Increased projectile hit detection radius by 100%.
Wrist Crossbow
- Increased minimum accuracy from 84 to 90%.
- Reduced accuracy lost per shot from 2% to 1%.
- Addressed various issues with the stealth material appearing incorrectly.
- Fixed Skye’s hair retaining stealth visual effects after Hidden expires.
- Updated tooltip to correctly show that Hidden applies bonus Movement Speed.
- Ninja now adds it’s Movement Speed on top of the base Hidden Movement Speed rather than setting it to a new value.
- Reduced Movement Speed bonus from 15/30/45/60 to 8/16/24/32%.

- Added a new visual state for ultimates and kill streaks.
- Added a new presentation for team names and scores.
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