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A Santa impersonator turned out to be a Santa imposter! Help Lo Wang gather the lost Christmas gifts in this limited time winter event with a new snowstorm weather type, festive enemies, and a special holiday gift for those Wangsters that complete the mission!
Christmas quest will be waiting for you at Dragon's Mountain after completing "Zilla Attack" mission.
Find the Christmas tree on training grounds past Hideo's shop and help Lo Wang save Christmas!


- Added gem filtering
- Fixed inventory hang bug
- Added option for canceling conversations using "Escape" on keyboard or "B button" on gamepad
- Fixed calculating multiline label size
- Added hiding client hud after a challenge
- Fixed gem crafting exploit
- Fixed an issue with embedding elemental gems
- Fixed an input bug that could occur after dying in challenges while in menus
- Fixed crafting gems that are restricted to weapons

- Various stability fixes
- Fixed a possible crash after using explosive bolts

Photo mode:
- Fixed "Lock in first person" screenshots
- Fixed "screenshot" command in photo mode
- Fixed exposure increasing

Gameplay fixes:
- Slight improvements to double jump
- Fixed teleporting after loading bug
- Weapon history fixes
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