VLudus Game

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VLudus was created in 2009 as a CS 1.6 game portal, and a popular server with the War3FT mod was created, and Good Game and Public were also launched. The servers worked for more than half a year until they began to finish dosing, which affected their closure.

In 2010, the first VKontakte application was created based on an iframe application, since our knowledge was not ready for Flash applications. The application also consisted of uniqueness in combining chat and radio into a single Anime theme, the site was also transferred to the anime portal with the ability to view anime with all the voice acting, to chat and listen to OST anime.

By the end of 2014, the anime application lost its popularity as did the portal, which did not allow investing any more, that alternatively a couple of wikis were created on the SAMP game server. as well as games and servers.

An interesting fact was that it was decided in 2009 to abandon advertising and donation, in order to make all users of our portals equal, but like anyone who knows, any project cannot be supported without support, so in 2015 we had to decide to introduce advertising to our portals.

At the beginning of 2016, the group was reduced to 1 person and it was decided to change the engine and design to our wiki due to the strong flow of spammers and server load, but in the end we get a full-fledged information portal where everyone can now definitely contribute to the development of his interested project.

In 2018, there were attempts to create their own games for mobile applications on the Android platform, but for unknown reasons they were closed without any reason, this department was temporarily suspended and the whole emphasis was redirected to the development and development of Wikipedia.