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Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season

Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season
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    Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season

    • Year: 2020
    • Country:
    • Genre:
    • Premiere: Dec 7, 2020
    • Duration: 25 min.
    • Language
    • Studio:
    • Budget: 5 400 000 $
    • Episode:
    • Airdate:
    • Network:
    • Runtime: 25 min. per ep.
    • Manga: Shingeki no Kyojin
    Three years have passed since the members of the Reconnaissance Corps reached the sea. Four years ago, from the diaries of Grisha Yeager, people learned that all this time they were opposed not only to the titans, but also to another nation. Overseas, Marlya ends a long war with the troops of the Middle East Alliance. A nation that has always relied on titans in war realizes that it is gradually losing its leadership in military confrontation due to the buildup of military power by other states and the development of weapons that can withstand the titans. To maintain her leading position on the world stage, Marlya needs the power of the Founder Titan, the strongest of the nine Primal Titans, able to control other titans. Unfortunately for Marlia, this power is still in the hands of Eren on Paradise Island. Reiner Brown, the only warrior to return from a failed operation to capture the Founder, will once again face his former comrades. A screen version of the eighth and ninth story arcs of the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama.
    • Director:
    • Scenario:
    • Producer:
    • Operator:
    • Composer:
    • Artist:
    • Installation:
    Season 1

    1.The Other Side of the Sea7 Dec 2020
    2.Midnight Train14 Dec 2020
    3.The Door of Hope21 Dec 2020
    4.From One Hand to Another28 Dec 2020
    5.Declaration of War11 Jan 2021
    6.The War Hammer Titan18 Jan 2021
    7.Assault25 Jan 2021
    8.Assassin`s Bullet1 Feb 2021
    9.Brave Volunteers8 Feb 2021
    10.A Sound Argument15 Feb 2021
    11.Counterfeit22 Feb 2021
    12.Guides1 Mar 2021
    13.Children of the Forest8 Mar 2021
    14.Savagery15 Mar 2021
    15.Sole Salvation22 Mar 2021
    16.Above and Below29 Mar 2021
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