Cinemax (US)

In September 1980, the work of the American movie channel premium began broadcasting on cable networks and satellites CineMax. Today, national versions are broadcast in various countries. The broadcasting network is based on feature films in the «full meter» format and television series shot by the channel itself. In addition, documentaries, light eroticism and reporting from behind the scenes of the filming platforms, thanks to which the viewer has the opportunity to fully enjoy the inner atmosphere of the film industry, are shown.

The name of the channel is derived from the words «Cinema» and «Maximum», so their combination means«Full Movie.» The owner is the HBO television corporation. Cinemax, often referred to simply as «Max» («MAX»), is accepted in more than 20 million American households - this is a share of 18% of this market. Unlike most cable and broadcast channels, CineMax began to work around the clock from the first day of broadcasting - in 1981 this was still unusual.

Another key to success was that CineMax from the very beginning clearly defined subjects of the issued content. Its creators immediately announced that it would be a channel about cinema and only about cinema. Having started at first with broadcasting the classics, then the channel began to produce more and more its own high-quality product, in which, over time, the distinctive Sinimax features began to be clearly visible.

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