The first viewers were not thrilled with the movie "It: Chapter Two"

The first viewers were not thrilled with the movie "It: Chapter Two"
The first reviews of the film "It: Chapter Two" began to appear on the Web, based on the eponymous work of Stephen King, and continuing the story that began in the sensational adaptation of the 2017 release. Western journalists shared their impressions, who managed to get to the press screening.

"It: Chapter Two" is the biggest disappointment of the year. A boring and bloated mess that spends too much time retelling the contents of the first film. Despite having a few good points, the film ultimately lacks suspense, it doesn't scare. The acting is also very uneven, "said Scott Menzel, editor-in-chief of We Live Entertainment.

"The second series is probably worse than the first - more than Pennywise, who will appear to someone in dreams. But the project has lost most of its charm with a focus shift on now adult characters. And almost three hours is a very long time," noted the head of Slash Film Peter Skireta.

"The second film is good, but not great. I liked it, but I did not fall in love with it. It was very difficult to repeat the success of the first part. The second series, yes, is sometimes terrifying, sometimes surprising, but very rarely scary. Yes, important aspects of the book are present "But the timing is too long. The actors are beautiful, and Bill Hader is generally worthy of an Oscar nomination," said Collider Sean O`Conell.

"It: Chapter Two" is a large-budget, studio horror film with a serious cast and rare brilliant visual solutions (such as a mass of balloons under the bridge). He will bring more money than Warner Bros. can figure out where to spend, "said Drew Taylor of MovieFone.
2019-08-21 07:38:20